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December 2021

  • 12-4 – Christmas Party
  • 12-18 – Christmas Extravaganza Challenge

Los Paseos Christmas Party December 4th 11am-3pm

  • Hot Cocoa & Cookies
  • Arts & Crafts booths
  • Santa visit (visits will be socially distanced and not your traditional on the lap type of visit)
  • Fire Station 27 engine when not on call. Come sit in the fire truck, talk with a firefighter
  • Toys for Tots – Collecting new, unwrapped toys
  • Douglas fir tree pickup. Pick up your Douglas fir tree if you had ordered it.
  • Visit with neighbors
This is a community event co-sponsored by:
  • Los Paseos Homeowners Association (LPHOA)
  • Los Paseos Neighborhood Association (LPNA)

Christmas Arch Kits available at the Christmas Party Dec 4th.

Arch kits will be sold for $20 (at cost!).  There are 20 kits in all, so please email Adrienne at lospaseosasociation@gmail.com to reserve (you can purchase multiple arches!).

Christmas Extravaganza Challenge

The most decorated street within the HOA will once again be treated to gourmet hot cocoa and treats Sunday, December 19th from 6:30-7:30pm.  So get your lights, arches, and decorations out and tell your neighbors to start decorating!  Judging will occur on Saturday, Dec. 18th at 7:30 pm!

Abandoned Vehicle Reporting

If you see an abandoned vehicle that has been in the same place for over 72 hours, please use the My San Jose app to report it.  If the city receives more than one report on a vehicle, it will get more attention.  You can upload a photo and pinpoint its location on the map within the app.  It takes about 2 minutes and will really help the neighborhood out!

Bernal Alley Way Parking Warning

If you live on Bernal Road or on Avenida Rotella and you park your car in the alley, you WILL be receiving a violation notice and fine.  The garbage trucks have a difficult time maneuvering around the parked vehicles and in case of emergency, the fire trucks need a clear pathway.  If you have renters at your property, it is your responsibility to inform them of this.

The alley has always been a NO PARKING zone!

Pickle Ball and Bocce

It is great to see more people use the sports court!   Come out and play bocce (we have the balls in the shed!), or come out and play some pickleball (paddles and balls in the shed!).  There is lighting as well, so come out and play in the evening!  I will be picking up a butane tank for the bbq that is out in the sports court for all to use (you will need your own bbq tools!).

*If you need access to the sports shed or the courts and you do not have the codes, text Adrienne @ 408-829-9287 or email her at lospaseosassociation@gmail.com.

Bring in those Trash and Recycling Bins

Please remember that your trash can and recycling bins must NOT be in the front yard.  They are to be kept out of sight.  This will be enforced by the HOA with a warning and then a $50 fine.  

Committee Members Needed:

The HOA is looking for one homeowner on each block to be a representative to the board meetings (once a month) and give a report of any concerns neighbors have that are occuring on that specific block.

We are also looking to resurrect the architecture committee. This position requires that the representative walk his/her street and report any infractions of the CC&R’s and Rules & Regulations. This could be an anonymous position!

If interested in one or both of these committees, please email Adrienne

Arborist Report

Beautiful trees need to be trimmed before they fall and damage your property or persons. And they need to be trimmed properly (not topped), to maintain their longevity and beauty. The LPHOA had an arborist survey all the trees in our LPHOA and provide a 3-year report for each home.

You can see the recommendation on the PDF report linked below. The quoted prices are for having Arborwell to perform the work, and homeowners are responsible to pay Arborwell. The LPHOA uses their services to trim the trees at the clubhouse and we have found them to have fair and competitive prices and top quality work. Please contact Arborwell directly to begin work, contact information is on the PDF.

Click Here to view and download PDF