Que Paso

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Father’s Day, Sunday June 21st!

Come join us for a relaxing day by the pool and all dads will enjoy a “cool one” on us!

BBQs Now Available for Use!

We are now allowing the use of 2 out of the 4 barbeques.  Please make sure to bring your own utensils since we are not allowed to share the club’s.  Also, use social distancing guidelines when cooking.
Make use of these during those hot days when you don’t want to cook on the stove!

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will begin on June 29th (or June 27th for Weekend Only classes). If you are interested, please go to :https://lospaseos.coursestorm.com.  Remember all members receive a 20% discount on lessons by using the promo code: MEMBER2020.

Game Cart

When waiting for your time in the pool, enjoy a fun family game: giant dominoes, giant Jenga, UNO, giant checkers/tic-tac-toe, lawn Yahtzee and more!

All games are santized for your safety after each use.

Los Paseos Snack Card $10 at the Snack Shack

Families can purchase a $10 snack card that the office will keep on file so that children can buy items without having cash & coins.  Just come up to the Snack Shack window to pay for your card!

Committee Members Needed:

The HOA is looking for one homeowner on each block to be a representative to the board meetings (once a month) and give a report of any concerns neighbors have that are occuring on that specific block.

We are also looking to resurrect the architecture committee. This position requires that the representative walk his/her street and report any infractions of the CC&R’s and Rules & Regulations. This could be an anonymous position!

If interested in one or both of these committees, please email Adrienne

Survey of All Trees

Survey of All Trees

The HOA is contracting with an arborist to evaluate all the trees within our boundaries. Each homeowner will receive a report on the trees in their front yard with recommendations on what possible next steps should be taken.
Please note that the HOA will not be responsible for any trimming costs.


During each session, we will be running a BINGO game!  You can play in the pool or while relaxing in your chair! Wonderful prizes awarded! :)