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August 2022

NEW Pool Schedule:

Monday, Aug. 8th – Friday Aug. 12th will be our FINAL week of daily operation.  We will continue to be open on weekends from 12 to 8 pm through September!

Adults with a 2022 swim waiver on file may continue to access the pool during the week days!  Please contact us for a waiver if you do not have one currently.  You will need to enter through the sports court to access the pool.

*If you take the pool covers off, you must put them back on when you are finished swimming.

Cabana Daily Rental

We have a new CABANA area at the pool for daily rental.

Just call the office at (408) 224-9880 to reserve it for the entire day!

Fee: $25 per day.

Do you want a little extra comfort when you’re here at the pool?  For just $10, you and your companion can reserve the shaded spot above!  First come, first serve!  Ask the gate attendant to reserve! 

Attention LAP Swimmers:

You are now able to use the pool from 6 am to 10:00 am.  Please use the sports court entrance for access.  If you need the codes, please email us.   If you would like to lap swim, but have not filled out a swim waiver, please let me know and I can email you one to fill out. This is ONLY for adults (18+ older).

Summer Swim Lessons

There is still space available in the morning weekend classes in August and September.  Lessons will be from 10:30 am-12:00 pm (1/2 hour increments) .  Group lessons are for children 3 and up.  Members get a discount of 20% on group lessons; use MEMBER22 at checkout!

Lesson Schedule:
Weekends: Aug 6-28
Sept 3-25

Go to https://lospaseos.coursestorm.com/ to register!

Associate Liaison 

Please contact Amelia Hadfield if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback for the club regarding associate membership, you can email her at lphoaliaison@gmail.com.  You can also find her at the pool!

We thank Amelia for volunteering!

Casino Night 2022

Come join us for a fun night of gambling!
Saturday, August 6th
Poker, Black Jack, and Roulette!
Babysitting will be available in the sports court for children of players!
Don’t miss out on the fun!  Time: 7 pm to 10 pm.
Sign up at lospaseosassociation@gmail.com.

New & Improved Party Area

Start booking your pool party today!  We have expanded the lower deck near the baby pool and have purchased 8 new tables for your enjoyment!  The pool party form can be found on the website or by emailing lospaseosassociation@gmail.com.  

New Volleyball Net!

Head out over to the sports court and play some volleyball!  The trees were trimmed and a new net is in place!  Please make sure to remind your family members and guests NOT to hang on the net!  This needs to last us for a while!

Here are some great tree tips from A Plus Tree Care:

Why Prune or Trim Trees?

Trees in the landscape require a little TLC to maintain health, safety, and beauty. Pruning or trimming is a common tree care practice. However, bad pruning hurts trees instead of helping them, and wastes your precious dollars!

1. Do Prune to Establish Good Structure

Good structure helps prevent tree failure, limb breakage, and poor health. Prune young trees to establish good structure for the rest of their lifespan. Plus, it’s easier and cheaper to prune a young tree than it is to “fix” an old tree!

2. Prune to Reduce Risk

Trees can be both an asset and a liability. You definitely want your tree to be just the former! Proper pruning reduces risk by removing weak and hazardous parts, such as:

  • dead, diseased, and damaged branches
  • heavy branch end weight
  • crowded, competing branches
  • watersprouts and suckers

3. Prune to Maintain Clearance

Over time, some trees grow into buildings, signs, parking spots, and other areas. Good pruning provides clearance and directs new growth away from structures, minimizing need for future pruning. Standard tree clearance guidelines are:

  • 3 ft from buildings
  • 8 ft from roofs
  • 10 ft from chimneys
  • 8 ft over sidewalks
  • 14 ft over roads

Homeowners please remember to obtain permission from the City of San Jose and the HOA before you remove a tree from your property!

Board Meeting Moved to 1st Wednesdays

March Meeting had to be moved to 2nd Wed March 9

Upcoming Events for 2022

  • July 23rd (Sat) Bocce Ball Tournament!
  • July 29th (Fri) Floaty Friday & Movie Night #2
  • July 31st (Sun) Summer Concert #3
  • August 6th or 13th Casino Night
  • August 28th (Sun) Summer Concert #4
  • September 5th (Mon) Labor Day BBQ
  • September 17th (Sat) Wine Tasting
  • October 29th (Sat) Children’s Halloween Party
  • November 12th (Sat) Chili Cookoff #2
  • December 3rd (Sat) Holiday Event

Alley Residents

There is NO parking on the sides of the alley!  This is a direct violation of the Rules and Regulations.  The garbage and recycling trucks are not able to pass through safely and collect materials.  If they cannot pass, they are honking their horns and disturbing others early in the morning. Emergency vehicles also MUST be able to make it to those in need if called upon.  Please park on the street or in your garage!

Homeowners who are renting their property along the alley MUST pass this information on to their renters.  We are in the process of contracting with a towing agency in cooperation with the city to deter parking along the sides of the alley.

Abandoned Vehicle Reporting

If you see an abandoned vehicle that has been in the same place for over 72 hours, please use the My San Jose app to report it.  If the city receives more than one report on a vehicle, it will get more attention.  You can upload a photo and pinpoint its location on the map within the app.  It takes about 2 minutes and will really help the neighborhood out!

Bernal Alley Way Parking Warning

If you live on Bernal Road or on Avenida Rotella and you park your car in the alley, you WILL be receiving a violation notice and fine.  The garbage trucks have a difficult time maneuvering around the parked vehicles and in case of emergency, the fire trucks need a clear pathway.  If you have renters at your property, it is your responsibility to inform them of this.

The alley has always been a NO PARKING zone!

Pickle Ball and Bocce

It is great to see more people use the sports court!   Come out and play bocce (we have the balls in the shed!), or come out and play some pickleball (paddles and balls in the shed!).  There is lighting as well, so come out and play in the evening!  I will be picking up a butane tank for the bbq that is out in the sports court for all to use (you will need your own bbq tools!).

*If you need access to the sports shed or the courts and you do not have the codes, text Adrienne @ 408-829-9287 or email her at lospaseosassociation@gmail.com.

Bring in those Trash and Recycling Bins

Please remember that your trash can and recycling bins must NOT be in the front yard.  They are to be kept out of sight.  This will be enforced by the HOA with a warning and then a $50 fine.  

Committee Members Needed:

The HOA is looking for one homeowner on each block to be a representative to the board meetings (once a month) and give a report of any concerns neighbors have that are occuring on that specific block.

We are also looking to resurrect the architecture committee. This position requires that the representative walk his/her street and report any infractions of the CC&R’s and Rules & Regulations. This could be an anonymous position!

If interested in one or both of these committees, please email Adrienne

Arborist Report

Beautiful trees need to be trimmed before they fall and damage your property or persons. And they need to be trimmed properly (not topped), to maintain their longevity and beauty. The LPHOA had an arborist survey all the trees in our LPHOA and provide a 3-year report for each home.

You can see the recommendation on the PDF report linked below. The quoted prices are for having Arborwell to perform the work, and homeowners are responsible to pay Arborwell. The LPHOA uses their services to trim the trees at the clubhouse and we have found them to have fair and competitive prices and top quality work. Please contact Arborwell directly to begin work, contact information is on the PDF.

Click Here to view and download PDF